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Breathing Normalization Method DVD - Disc 3 of 5 Disc Content (MP4 Video Download). Breathing Normalization Method: Food, Water And Beverages - Choose A Diet Conducive To Reduced Breathing.

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Breathing Normalization Method: Food, Water And Beverages - Choose A Diet Conducive To Reduced Breathing.

This video is the THIRD session of the 5-disc video training, which is a complete step-by-step self-help program on the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method suitable for adults and children. It contains instructional talks and demonstrations of breathing exercises created by Dr. Buteyko and further developed at Clinica Buteyko Moscow and

This video session addresses issues regarding breathing and food. What kind of diet supports optimal breathing and helps to avoid breathing difficulties? Can cheese trigger an asthma attack? How coffee affects breathing? What to eat to avoid runny nose? Can salt improve my breathing? This video session will answer this type of questions.

This program helps to reduce or eliminate any breathing difficulties, coughing, mucus, asthma attacks, rhinitis, bronchitis, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, blood pressure problems, sleep apnea, depression and many other health issues. It is beneficial for anyone who wishes to become healthier. The Breathing Normalization method, holistic and drug-free, is based on the work of K.P. Buteyko, MD who discovered that over-breathing caused major health problems. His findings have been confirmed by sixty years of scientific research and clinical experience of Russian medical doctors. This video training was created by Sasha Yakovleva, an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist and co-founder of Originally from Russia, Sasha resides in the US. She studied holistic modalities around the world and was trained to teach Buteyko by the originators of this method. This video is the first attempt to reveal this legendary method in its entirety.

This video helped thousands of people to overcome various breathing problems and become healthier and more energetic. Start improving your health now: there is no health without healthy breathing!


Disc 3: Food, Water and Beverages:
• Mindfulness Regarding Diet
• Water
• Other Beverages
• About Salt
• Meat, Fish, Poultry and Dairy
• Vegetables and Grains
• Don’t eat when you are not hungry
• Keep it Simple
• Local and Seasonal
• Organic
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Summary
• Flexible Breath Holds

• Demonstration of Breathing Exercises
• Relaxation “On This Planet”
• Flexible Breath Holds

• Dr. Buteyko and His Work
• Testimonials
• Breathing Center’s Programs

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