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Webinar with A. Novozhilov MD, The Co-Founder of Buteyko Clinic in Moscow

Webinar with A. Novozhilov MD, The Co-Founder of Buteyko Clinic in Moscow

Breathing Center

  • $25.00

Don't miss this unique event! Meet with A. Novozhilov MD, the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method and its co-author. Dr. Novozhilov had been learning from Dr. Buteyko since he was 9 years old; later, they became the closest colleagues and partners. This is a unique chance to discuss specifics of Dr. Buteyko’s work or your personal situation with the true Buteyko expert. Russian/English simultaneous translation is provided.  Join Dr. Novozhilov from Moscow for this live and interactive event. 

This webinar will take place on February 9, 2020, at 11 am EST ( time conversion: 8 am PST; 9 am Mountain; London - 4 pm; Berlin - 5 pm; Moscow - 7 pm.)

Please register for the webinar to be able to participate. The number os participants will be limited. 


The free program used for this event is called Zoom (, which is very similar to Skype.

10 minutes before the event a participant will receive an email with a link to the webinar. He/she will need to click on this link to enter the live webinar. He will be able to use his microphone and camera to ask questions.

Here is how to set up for the conference.

  1. On the internet, navigate to
  2. Under 'Plans and Pricing' click 'Meetings' - This option allows you to install the free version.
  3. Click 'Sign Up' and follow the instructions from Zoom to set up the app.

You may want to become familiar with the application prior to the webinar. The Zoom program is very easy to use and you should not have any problems with it, assuming that your computer and internet connection function well. If you need troubleshooting or technical assistance, you will need to contact Zoom. We will not be able to provide any technical support prior to or during the webinar.

Here are instructions on joining a meeting from

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