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Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training (Beginner's Level - 1)

Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training (Beginner's Level - 1)

Breathing Center

  • $1,675.00

Buteyko Breathing: Overcome Health Challenges

Work individually with Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist, or a Buteyko Specialist trained by Sasha. Have the Buteyko Method adjusted to your individual preferences, health conditions, and lifestyle. This is the most effective program.

Please register for a FREE Preliminary Consultation with Sasha prior to enrolling in this individual/family program. 

You will learn how to establish the following:
  • Gentle, nasal breathing 100% - 24/7
  • Naturally reduced air consumption
  • Decreased or eliminated symptoms
  • More energy, better focus, less stress, increased oxygenation and more
  • The strong foundation for optimal health and longevity

    This program is sufficient for adults and children who are looking to learn the Buteyko Method to improve their breathing and overall health. Everyone can benefit from this training! Learn how to breathe peacefully!

    This program is two-months long. It contains eight weekly sessions with Sasha Yakovleva (1.5-hour each), daily reports and guidance, unlimited email support after completion of this program, and various educational materials in electronic forms.

    A box of Buteyko tools and educational materials in physical form can be purchased separately but not required ($150). 

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