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Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training: Overcome Health Challenges

Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training: Overcome Health Challenges

Breathing Center

  • $1,825.00

This complete training is the best option for health! This program is all-inclusive: it contains everything a person needs to learn and apply the method successfully, including daily supervision of a Specialist.

Also Includes;

  • One-one-one sessions with a Specialist: 12 hours - (8 sessions 1.5 hour each)
  • Schedule: We will fit your schedule
  • Location: Available anywhere in the world (most people take this program online)
  • Duration: 2 + months
  • Daily contact with a Specialist: Included
  • Unlimited Support After Training: by email
  • Instructional DVD: (10 hours): DVD set + download
  • Adenoids Without Surgery book (for children only): Full Color Book + download
  • CD: The Buteyko Method: CD + download
  • CD: Breathing Normalization Meditations: CD + download
  • CD: Healing Through Breathing: CD + download
  • Buteyko® Breathing Manual Book:  Book + download
  • Logbook: Book + download
  • Instructional Texts: Texts + Download
  • Breathing Improvement tools (value $54): Included
  • Participation of Family Members: Family members participate for free (as passive participants)
  • Final Consultation with an Advanced BN Specialist: Included

    This is a unique program exclusively offered by the Breathing Center. It can be taken online from anywhere in the world. 

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