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Level 3B - Breathing Normalization Training: Learn How To Help Others

Level 3B - Breathing Normalization Training: Learn How To Help Others

Breathing Center

  • $960.00

Certification: Breathing Normalization Specialist

After completion of this comprehensive program, the participant will receive a diploma as a Breathing Normalization Specialist. This certification allows a person to teach the Method as their primary vocation as well as in a variety of other ways.

This program is beneficial for people who would like to learn the Method in depth to master all techniques, including advanced ones, and learn how to help others professionally.

This comprehensive program allows a student to learn the Method from a variety of sources. In addition to meetings with an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist, a student is required to do studies on his or her own following the guidance of their Counselor. A student will have a chance to learn from Dr. Novozhilov MD (the Medical Director of Clinica Buteyko in Moscow), Ludmila Buteyko, Sasha Yakovleva and other experts, as well as students of the Buteyko Breathing Method. 

  • Requirement: completion of the Level 3.A training
  • Course Duration: 2-3 months plus lifetime support
  • Curriculum: More than 20 hours of educational video materials and their transcripts are included in this program
  • Individual sessions: 4 individual sessions with an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist (1.5 hour each); sessions will fit your preferable time frame

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