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Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training with Fred

Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training with Fred

Breathing Center

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Buteyko Breathing: Overcome Health Challenges and Help Protect Yourself Through Covid-19

In this program you will work individually with Fred Brown, Buteyko Breathing Specialist. You will have the Buteyko Method adjusted to your individual preferences, health conditions, and lifestyle. This is the most effective program.

Once you register for this program, we will contact you to schedule your initial Preliminary Consultation with Fred to review the details before the program begins. The goal is to help you evaluate the potential effect of the Buteyko Breathing method on your life.  During this 45 minute session, Fred will explain the theory and application of Buteyko Breathing, answer your questions and prepare you for your journey. 

Through this program you will learn how to establish the following:
  • Gentle, nasal breathing 100% - 24/7
  • Naturally reduced air consumption
  • Increase your health and protection through Covid-19
  • Decreased or eliminated symptoms
  • More energy, better focus, less stress, increased oxygenation and more
  • The strong foundation for optimal health and longevity

    The length of this program is two-months containing eight weekly sessions with Fred Brown (1.5-hour each), daily reports and guidance, unlimited email support after completion of this program, and various educational materials in electronic forms. 

    A box of Buteyko tools and educational materials in physical form can be purchased separately but not required ($150). 

    Payment plans are available. To start this program, payment in full or a deposit of $200 is required.